At last………. we’re LIVE!

On Friday 27th April 2007 WildEarth went LIVE on www.entertainmentafrica.comAfter 9 months of preparations and testing we are finally LIVE from Djuma Game Reserve. Right now the weather is really bad and so there are not many animals about. The game drive vehicle needs a new antenna, so we are working on getting that done [...]

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Join us on a LIVE safari in the African wilderness. Every morning and afternoon our experienced field teams broadcast LIVE from a purpose built game drive vehicle, via a high tech system, straight to your desktop. Nick and Pieter explain the action as they, and you, watch it happen. When not on Safari we monitor [...]

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Nick de Jongh

Field Guide and Presenter.With a diploma in nature conservation and more than 12 years in the field Guide industry, Nick is a walking text book on everything you have ever wanted to know on African Wildlife. He’s an ex army boy which may explain his high enthusiasm and endless ability to keep going. He’s a [...]

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Jan Harm Robbertse

Technical assistant, director and camera.Fresh from an audio visual production management degree, Jan brings his incredible technical and film making talent to WildEarth. When not in the Control Centre or under a vehicle he can be found deep in the bush talking to the animals. Yes, his dream of a career in animal whispering was [...]

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Welcome to WildEarth

Well, we are about to go LIVE on After years of planning and months of back breaking work WildEarth is proud to be showing you the African bush absolutely LIVE. To begin with we have two digital surveillance camera systems positioned at two waterholes; Vuyatela, which is right in front of the Vuyatela game [...]

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