Field Guide/highly experienced in photography and our star on the camera.
Helen is WildEarth’s very own Lara croft. With a degree in fine art, 4 years as a field guide and a highly experienced camera person she is a very talented lady. A self confessed tomboy, her first 10 years were spent larking around in the Kruger Park with her family. Moving to Canada at the age of 10 she developed a serious passion for art and photography and planned a career. This all changed when on a 3 month sabbatical to Djuma she caught a serious case of Khaki Fever and fell in love with a field guide. Marrying Nick resulted in them becoming a bush team with more knowledge between them than most text books. Years of experience filming game drives for the internet honed her photographic skills.

Likes: celebrity gossip and catching more fish than Nick.
Dislikes: skunks.