Network problems and the apology screen.

WE seem to have a bit of a problem. Our router at Djuma that allows us to send the stream to Pretoria, where all of our viewers log on, appears to be intermittently failing. It began on Saturday after we moved our final control, but the router was never moved. We are not really sure [...]

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Drive cancelled…..

The drive this afternoon (Saturday 23rd June) has unfortunately been cancelled. The relocation of the FCC is taking longer than we thought. WE apologise for this but hope you understand that it is important for us to get all the equipment in properly and not rush it. The drive will be as normal tomorrow morning [...]

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Relocating the Final Control……

This is just to let you know that after this drive (morning of Saturday 23rd June) has finished, the WildEarth system will be down for a couple of hours as we relocate our Final Control Centre (FCC) back to our camp. A big thank you to Pippa and Jurie for allowing us to use their [...]

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An awesome lion sighting at last!

Wow, did we have a great drive this morning or what? Lions, hyena, elephant and buffalo! The lions have been fairly scarce and when Pieter and Jan headed out this morning to find where the buffalo herd had slept last night they were surprised to suddenly have hyena and then lion on a small carcass, [...]

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The dreaded apology screen!

Since yesterday morning WE have not been able to connect to the server in Pretoria. The network line between Djuma and Pretoria has been down. This line is made up of a few microwave links from Djuma to Acornhoek via Hluvukani and then a long series of fibre optic connections that go through Bushbuck Ridge, [...]

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Every one to have a chance!!!

Soon we will have a content distribution network (CDN) which will enable many more viewers to access our game drives on a daily basis. In the mean time we have noticed that people are staying logged on for extended periods of time even when not at their computers. This is preventing other viewers from watching. [...]

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