Well despite everyones best efforts WE did not manage to get our new camera to the WildEarth crew at Djuma yesterday. The camera got onto the plane that left from Johannesburg and spent the whole of yesterday flying around the Sabi Sands, but never made it to Djuma. It will now be taken down by Jan when he goes back to work after his holiday. He will be leaving Johannesburg tomorrow morning and will be arriving at Djuma late in the evening. So the camera will be on the Sunday morning drive. All of us at WildEarth extend a big thank you to Jurie for lending us his personal video camera so that WE can keep on going.

Nick and Helen go on holiday for two weeks starting on Sunday, so they will be missing all the trenching that will be going on next week. WE are upgrading to a fibre optic network that will connect the Gowrie waterhole, the game drive receiver, and all our other systems through to the final control. Next week there is going to be a lot of work behind the scenes and WildEarth will probably be down for a few hours on Thursday while we move our final control, but we will let you know closer to the time.
The drives have been a lot shorter than usual and this is due to the fact that the batteries on the camera that we are currently using do not last very long. From Sunday morning WE will however be back to normal. Thank you all for your understanding while we sort out these issues.