The Sony PD150 that we use on the game drive vehicle has developed a bad connection on it’s video out port. This has probably happened because of the constant bumping and vibration that the camera is subjected to on safari. As a result WE have been loosing video from the game drive vehicle and have had to shorten the last few drives for which we are sorry.
WE have temporarily borrowed a video camera from Djuma and will be putting a new camera on a flight to Djuma, from Johannesburg, as soon as we can organise a flight.
You may have noticed that we have been having trouble with our sound from the waterholes. Well we have been struggling to find the exact cause of the problem, but it seems to be getting better … on its own (a bit worrying!)
WE are going to be doing quite a few behind the scenes upgrades starting on Wednesday next week. These upgrades are designed to not only improve the number of simultaneous streams that we can serve, but also improve the video and audio quality that we broadcast. WE will keep you updated on these improvements.
WildEarth does hear you, the viewer, and WE sympathise with the frustrations you are having trying to get onto the game drive. Ultimately your patience will be rewarded and WE promise that we will never stop endeavouring to bring you the best possible LIVE wildlife experience. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.