We have been informed that there will be lengthy power cuts today (2nd June) and tomorrow. We are installing a much larger UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply) in our Final Control, which will provide us with about 3 hours of standby time. Most power cuts are quite short lived and usually over in less than 3 hours. So hopefully most of our power problems will be behind after the weekend.

Telkom Media and WildEarth have almost completed our various preperations necessary to deploying our new CDN (Content Distribution Network). WE cannot say exactly when, but promise that it won’t be long and it will certainly be worth the wait. Not only will an additional 1000 viewers be able to simultaneously access the stream, but there should be either no buffering or very little at all. At the same time you will get a significant improvement in the actual video and audio quality.

Pieter and Hayley are back from leave and I think that Nick deserves a big ‘thank you’ for doing all the drives over the past two weeks. Jan goes on a two week break from Monday, but not until he gets the control of the Buffelshoek Cam working again.