… after a very difficult few days, WE, or at least Jan, managed to finally get the starter motor installed in the game drive vehicle. It was a real challenge that took him hours and hours. Poor Jan worked until 3:30 in the morning and then started again early this morning. In any event its in and working.

Nick and Helen are out again and on the hunt for all those ‘critters’ you love to watch.

WE are very sorry that you had to miss some drives, lets hope that it doesn’t happen again. WE are expecting a cold front to pass through Djuma, and the whole of South Africa, in the next day or two. The team feel fairly confident that WE are ready for the weather … maybe we will be lucky … its in our nature.

(Photo Note: Jan and James on their way in the ‘Bubaloo‘ to fix something … or maybe just to visit the neighbours.)