WE have been lucky enough to have several large herds of buffalo coming down to drink at the dams. There is not much water around now as it is late in winter and they have few options. The pressure is mounting on all the animals now. Everyone is starting to hope for the rains, which are still months away. This is the hardest time of the year for everyone … not much water and not much grazing, but plenty of predators. However, the lions seem to be back in force. This photograph, by Pieter, is of one of the two female lion cubs that WE have seen a few times and part of the pride that made an attempt to kill a buffalo. Hayley, the WildEarth final control director, followed two lionesses while they tried to kill a buffalo at Gowrie on the waterhole camera. They missed their quarry, but very exciting all the same. Rexon is starting to get used to his new job at WildEarth and is fast becoming an integral part of the team. It is quite a different thing to present a LIVE game drive on camera from the type of drives he has done in the past, but he is rising to the occasion and WE have every faith that he will become exceptional at this new style of wildlife broadcasting. WE are pioneering and WE are proud that Rex is right there on the front line.