WE continue to have battery problems on the game drive vehicle and as a result WE have to cancel this afternoons drive. Again we apologise for having to do this, but promise that we are working as hard as we can to get this situation sorted out.

Also from tommorow the afternoon game drive will be going out at 15h30 (CAT) rather than 15h00 (CAT). The reason for this is that it is getting hotter and hotter everyday and WE are slowly moving towards our summer schedule. Because its getting hotter each day the animals need to drink more, but there is less and less water available. That is why we are seeing larger numbers of animals like herds of buffalo and elephant coming down to the waterhole. Over the next weeks the waterholes will become more and more active as everyone waits anxiously for the rain. This is the most difficult time for animals and people in the bush … waiting for rain.

Reckson has gone on leave for a week. He is visiting his family in nearby Dixie. He is very happy at WildEarth and WE are very excited to have him.