Well after speaking to as many people as possible, and all your help and thoughts WE are confident the leopard sighted on the afternoon drive of the 10th October 2007 was: Tyson. Which means the leopard that stole Karula’s kill on the morning of the 18th July 2007 was probably not Tyson. WE are not yet sure who that was, but one theory is that it could have been Mtimba.
A big thank you to Aquila for all the research that she did as well as for sending in all the above photos of Tyson. Well done.
WE are going to build up a collection of photographs and positively identify all the leopards in our area, you can help by mailing us any, and all, information you can gather to
Djuma Game Reserve is one of the best places on earth to view leopards going about their daily business and WE want you to get involved in helping us to build as accurate a family tree of these beautiful cats as we can. So get clicking, search the web and send us your pics/videos and identifications. When we have photographed and can identify all the leopards and know all their local names WE will begin photographing their tracks. Each track is unique, like their spot patterns, and after a while WE’ll all know who has been in the area … really for sure. (One day y’all will be the first virtual trackers.)
Whether we like it or not, it is very definitely in our nature to get to know these special animals as well as we can … coz WE love them.