WOW it is raining a lot … really for sure! The bush is budding and flowering everywhere, even the animals seem to have an extra spring in their step. So far WE have been lucky in that non of our equipment has been fried by the huge lightning storms that we have been experiencing in Djuma. Looks like all the effort and expense of installing fibre optic cables everywhere is paying off.

WE have had to cancel the odd drive due to rain, but it is a small price to pay for such a great start to the rainy season. However, the battery system is certainly working better, which is great news. WE apologise for the fact that you have had to miss the odd drive, but rather that than destroying the equipment that would then take weeks to repair.

The camera at Buffelshoek dam has been giving us endless trouble and finally gave up the ghost the other day. So we went out to take a look, and we found a whole nest of ants had taken up residence inside the camera!! Needless to say the camera had to be removed and is now in Johannesburg where it is being repaired.

The drive this afternoon had to be cancelled because Pieter and Hayley had to go into Nelspruit to fetch Jan, who will be officially back from holiday tomorrow morning.

I know that a lot of you have been asking when WE are going to have more slots on the server and when the quality of the stream is going to improve. Well I have no concrete news, or at least none that I can officially announce. What I do know is that WE are working on a monstrous upgrade that will make all your dreams (and some you didn’t know you had) come true. It won’t happen quickly, but I can guarantee that it is coming. Hang in there, your patience will be rewarded … really for sure.