Well on Saturday night the rain began to fall and it went on and on. By midday on Sunday more than 40 mm of rain had fallen … really for sure that is a good start to the summer. The bush is in full transformation, there is water everywhere, which is why the waterholes are so quiet. The rate at which the trees and grass turn green surprises me every year.

WE have put a lot of effort into figuring out what has been going on with the batteries, which is why WE missed a couple of drives, but we think that we have found the gremlins. Turned out there were a few bad connections here and there on the old vehicle and WE fixed those. Now we also have a new charging regime. Hopefully WE will be back up to at least 3 hour drives again.

Rob is heading for Cape Town tomorrow for two weeks of surfing and diving, and probably a fair bit of partying … its in his nature!