Rexon and Jan will be leaving for a while. Jan is going on his two week break and Rex is going to Johannesburg where he will attend some presenter coaching. Pieter and Hayley return from their holiday and from Sunday morning Pieter will be presenting again.

On a different note, and harder to write about, Rob has decided to go and ride waves of a different kind. Sadly our surfer camera operator will be leaving WildEarth. Table Mountain and the cold waters of Cape Town have drawn him back and away from the bush. He also has plans of going to Europe early next year. WE and all of his great fans bid him farewell and hope that the road ahead will be smooth and productive. May the swells rise up to meet him and the wind remain at his back … you will be missed Rob. Maybe WE will see you again on the game drive one day. Good Luck and thank you.
Rexon returns a week from tomorrow, he won’t make the journey alone, but will be accompanied by Alex Sletton. A man who has roamed the wild jungles of the Congo and walked across Iceland alone. Alex seems like a pure wild one and WE cant wait for him to come and wield the camera, and be our ‘eyes’ showing us the best that the bush here in Djuma Game Reserve has to offer. WE will welcome him with open arms, and are looking forward to great times and sightings … its in our nature.