1000 new seats on the Landy!

Well it has finally happened, WE have 1000 new video server 'slots' courtesy of OneNetPlace in Los Angeles, California. It has been 9 months since WildEarth began broadcasting on the Internet and the demand for our LIVE video stream from Djuma Game Reserve has been massive. So much demand that the Telkom Media server in [...]

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The Mapogos are back in town.

The Mapogos tend to spend most of their time in the southern parts of the Sabi Sands and enter Djuma from Chitwa or Hoffmans, crossing Cheetah cut line on to central road, then they pass around Gowrie waterhole area- and take Vuytela access road to Gowrie gate and cross into Simbambilli in the west and [...]

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Big Storm hits Djuma, but WE recover.

Yesterday evening, just after Rexon and Alex came upon Karula on Gowrie cutline, a huge storm hit Djuma. WE immediately executed our bad weather plan, which involves getting the game drive vehicle under cover, disconnecting all antennas, powering everything down and the final control shut down procedure. The storm carried on for hours. Monstrous lightning [...]

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