As I am sure you have all noticed, WE are trying out a few potential presenters at the moment. You have met Andrew and Omega, tomorrow morning you will meet Gerry and over the next days and weeks you will meet Chris, Piet, Angie and others. You see, WE are going to need two new presenters when the two new game drive vehicles arrive in April. There are also a lot of other interviews taking place behind the scenes for more directors, producers, editors, assistant directors, etc.

The whole country has been experiencing planned power cuts, called “load shedding”. This is caused by the fact that South Africa does not have the generating capacity to meet the demand for electricity. This ‘load shedding’ is apparently going to happen for the next 4 to 8 years. Well these power cuts do cause the ‘sorry screen’ on your players and this is not acceptable. WE have a couple of UPSs as well as two generators and this will allow us to get better at dealing with the power outages, but there will still be problems for a while. However, WildEarth will be installing a state of the art power management system, which will deal completely with all power situations and will mean that you never loose a second of your valuable viewing time. But this will only be happening over the next few months and WE ask for your patience in the mean time.