Over the past few days a whole bunch of technical problems have presented themselves simultaneously. An uninterupted power supply failed, which is mainly why you have been seeing the sorry sign so often, the chargers have not been working properly, which is why WE have had battery problems, the main video switch in the final control is not working because its power supply failed (and they don’t make them anymore), last night the starter motor on the ‘Tank’ broke, just before Piet did his try out and this morning the inverter on the ‘Tank’ burnt itself out. Now if it was just one or two problems WE would just laugh it off and carry on, but so many at once is a little tough.
Pieter has been diverted to Johannesburg where he will pick up a new UPS and Inverter, then on his way through Nelspruit tommorow he will collect the chargers, which are being recalibrated. In the meantime James and Jan think they can rebuild one good starter motor out of the two or three that WE have now (they don’t make the starters that the Tank needs anymore). All of this means that WE are going to have to cancel this afternoons drive as well as both drives tomorrow. WE are very very sorry about this, but you can be certain that none of us will rest untill we get the drives back on the road … its in our nature.

In the meantime WE would love to know what you think of different rangers that have tried out to be one of the new WildEarth presenters. So far we have had Andrew, Gerry, Omega, Patrick and Piet. We still need to see Angie and Chris … and maybe a few more.
Here are some of the clips that you, our faithful viewers, have captured of the ranger try outs …

Take a look and mail your order of preference, and any comments, to
Thanks for the idea Aunty Lyn!
(Sorry I thought the idea was from Karen initially, but Emily set me straight. Sorry.)