WE managed to get the starter motor sorted out and now we have another problem. This time the distributor on the Tank has worn out one of its parts, and, you guessed it, they don’t make them anymore. So James is on his way into Hoedspruit where he will manufacture a new part with the help of some very industrious engineering shops. The minute it is done he will drive back into Djuma and immediately get to work on installing the new part. WE will keep you posted on how it works out. Hopefully the ‘Tank’ will be back on the road soon.
In the meantime Gowrie camera has gone offline and Jan is struggling to figure out why. He thinks he has traced it to a cable fault at the camera tree and WE all suspect that it is thanks to our very amusing technicians … the baboon teenagers that like to play with the camera and microphone in the afternoons.
WE all understand how frustrating it can be when the LIVE wildlife you love to watch is not there, but rest assured that a very dedicated team are hard at work to get WildEarth back to you as soon as possible … it will always be in our nature.