Yesterday evening, during Dinamossi’s try out drive, the Tank’s starter motor broke again. This has happened a few times before and is partly due to the constant stopping and starting and partly because the Tank is made up of a Chev engine, a Landrover Discovery gearbox and the rest is a Landrover Defender. Jan and James spent hours in the workshop last night trying to build one good starter motor out of all the parts WE have acumulated. But by midnight they new there was no hope.
WE have tracked a second hand starter motor down in Johannesburg and will be putting it on the next available flight down to the Sabi Sands, which is tomorrow afternoon. That will leave Jan and James just under one hour to install and test the new motor before the drive goes out tomorrow afternoon.
It also means that WE are going to have to miss this afternoon’s drive and tomorrow morning’s drive. But Rex will answer questions instead. This morning WE received 79 questions from all of you and Rex really enjoyed answering them. Ask away, and he will try and answer as many as possible.