Hayley has been directing at WildEarth right from our very first LIVE game drives in April 2007. She has decided to return to her family in the UK, where she will be pursuing her career in TV directing … although probably not wildlife.
WE are all very sad to see her go, but WE do understand. She has been a rock to us all, through all the trials and tribulations of bringing you WildEarth, we have always known that Hayley would direct us out of any corner. Always calm, but firmly focused on the viewer experience, she will be sorely missed.
Hayley there will always be a place for you in our hearts and in the director’s chair at ‘control’ … its in your nature.
Maybe one day WE will all see Hayley back with us again. Good luck with your next adventure.

Hayley will be directing her final drive tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 27Th February 2008).
… on a different note this afternoon’s drive will be a bit … uh … out of the ordinary. Jan will be driving and Alex will be on camera … expect the unexpected!!