By Banditt066 – March 27th 2008

A big thank you to Banditt066 for catching this, what an amazing video. The interaction and behaviour between these two cubs was beautiful to watch. Firstly they are youngsters, which as I said earlier always sell. Secondly they are leopards which are one of the most beautiful and graceful of all animals. Thirdly they are Karulas cubs who we have known since they were born. It’s fantastic to have watched them grow up, it’s a real little piece of history. I really enjoyed this clip but if there was one thing I could say it would be to have started the clip about a minute later. For the first minute you could not really see what you were watching and it wasn’t until the one cub was out in the open that it really began for me. Otherwise I loved every minute, well done Banditt066.

Written by Emily Wallington