My senses hightened to every sight, sound and movement as I staked claim to my new territory. Finally the job I had been stalking had begun. I had arrived at Djuma to work for WildEarth. My excitement was subdued by the stillness of dusk. As night crept in, I was welcomed by the crew and the sound of lions who brought me into the reality of the bush – this was Mapogo territory.
It snuck up on me like a leopard in the night. Before I knew it, I was sitting perched on the camera saddle. ‘We’re LIVE in 5,4, …’ . The silent countdown was a clear wakeup call. We were LIVE and I felt ALIVE. I quickly realised the difference between this and my previous film work. I was not creating art, I was filming it.
Nature is so ingrained in me that when living in a city I constantly seek it out. Whether it be in the ocean, the parks or the wild areas between roads. I constantly seek a bond like an artist looking for inspiration. I can’t remember the last time I saw a male lion but I surely won’t forget the way he posed for his royal photograph. It was over in a flash. I just hope through technology WE can deliver what it feels like to stare into nature’s heart. Seeing these massive rhinos browsing added to my feeling small in this cosmic mosaic. Yet I felt larger than life delivering the image of the African bush to people who most care about it. Lets celebrate technology and lets celebrate Africa. The welcomes received from all the viewers, the crew and the animals helped me settle in and make me feel like this new start is the beginning of a great journey. I look forward to tonight, tomorrow and a great future with all at WE.
Written by Dan Querido