Producer Guidelines for weekly highlights show.

As mentioned on the last post WE are going to start doing a weekly highlights show from this week. Because our viewers are so creative and have excelled at making awesome videos from the WE content, we decided the best idea would be to get you guys to post produce the content and create the [...]

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Marco Tonoli – a new crew member

This self confessed bush addict grew up larking around in Kruger Park with his father. He learnt to track and find animals as a small child and soon became a professional field guide at the top of his field. Throughout his 10 year guiding career he became remarkably fond of his camera. He polished his [...]

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The Mapogo story.

We (Karen in VA and Aquila) were asked to share some bits of information/background on the Mapogo Male Coalition with you. We have been gathering info from various sites (Mala Mala, Londolozi, Djuma, Nkorho, Elephant Plains, Singita, Arathusa, Ulusaba, Wildwatch) and their sightings databases along with a few helpful people answering the questions we sent [...]

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… a moment frozen in time …

What an amazing, fun and ultimately vivid visual memory of that precise moment.Photography, to paint with light! Yet again, on Saturday May10th, brought US incredible elephants! WE were able to share this, all live, across the globe. That, in itself, is a prodigious and amazing experience. Continuous, unbroken photographs, giving you a LIVE, living experience [...]

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Video highlights from the past two weeks.

I have posted six of my favourite WE videos made by you, the viewers over the past two weeks. Many things have happened recently and these are wonderful creative snapshots of these events. You guys never cease to amaze me with your capturing and editing skills. Some of them are very funny and others truly [...]

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