Unfortunately Dan was a temporary fixture for WildEarth and although we knew that from the beginning we hoped that things may change. He is heading back to Cape Town tomorrow (9th May 2008) to carry on with another job. WE have really enjoyed having him around for this short time and especially enjoyed watching his beard grow. Upon arriving at WE six weeks ago he was completely clean shaven. Today it is difficult to see his face. He has fallen into bush life with absolute ease and his FCC directing and camera work has been excellent. WE may well see Dan back in the FCC when we launch WildEarth TV in a few months but until then we wish him the best of luck in his endeavours.

On a different note, James will also be heading back to Cape Town tomorrow to catch the big waves. WE are eternally grateful to him for all that he has achieved over the past two weeks. Finally Jan will be back in the FCC tomorrow morning after his two weeks of leave and will have to catch up on all the new technical changes – lets hope he’s well rested.