This was an amazing sighting. It happened a couple of weeks ago and I was directing that morning. I arrived in the FCC in the dark and Rex and Dan were already out in the bush. I saw on the screen that they had a beautiful leopard stalking in the grass. Rexon was calling me on the radio. He said ‘we are desperate, please cut to us, I want the viewers to see the leopard before she disappears’. I think that was the first morning we have ever started the game drive early. It was a mesmerising sight watching this leopard walking through the grass. I think she was half heartedly hunting. I loved the bit when she jumped onto the log. Dan did well to catch this. Then he zoomed in on that close up of the leopard on the log.We have so many leopard sightings here in Djuma but this one was one of my favourites. The early morning light coupled with the spotlight made it truly beautiful. Thanks AlydraDivine for capturing this.