WE are completely in awe of your film-making skills and you have inspired us to try something never before attempted.
WildEarth was about to start working on a weekly highlights show, a bit like the one Daniel made below, which would include some of the weeks more exciting sightings and a bit of behind the scenes news. The plan was that WE would release it each week on Sunday. Well we still want to do it, only now WE want YOU to help us make it each week.
We will be the cameramen and presenters and you get to do the post production and editing and together WE will make a weekly show. Come on … it’s in your nature.
Each highlights show will include three elements: (1) the best sightings of the week from the LIVE drive, (2) behind the scenes news and insights from the WildEarth crew and camp, and (3) presenter links holding all the bits together.
So how is it going to work?
Well firstly you need to decide that you are going to try and do it. Then you need to capture (record) as many of the best sightings this week as you can. You could also work in teams and email each other the sightings you record. Then on Friday the 30th May WE are going to do something brand new. At 16h00 CAT (Central African Time) we are going to play out some footage that Marco has been shooting behind the scenes this week. He will present and explain each clip from the Final Control before he plays it out, and you will be able to record these elements to use in your very own TV show. Over the weeks and as we all learn more about this revolutionary new way of making TV we will include lots of new and exciting bits and pieces into the Friday show.
After Marco has finished his part and before the official drive starts on Fridays, Pieter will quickly ‘do’ the presenter links for the show. He will do these LIVE, but you need to again record them and edit them into your highlights show along with the material that Marco gives you.
You will then have until Sunday morning to complete your finished shows and submit them into the video section of the WildEarth community website. Then we will select the one we think is the best for the week and this will become the official WildEarth highlights show for that week. (All the other shows will still be available to watch though.)
This is totally new to all of us and I am sure we will learn a lot after the first show. Please give it a try, we are all very excited about this idea. If it takes off, WE hope to get the show sponsored, which will allow us to give a prize to each weeks ‘winner’ … it’s in our nature.