This weeks ‘Fireside Chat Show’ seemed to have gone a lot better than last week (phew). Marco has been a master of sound and making every effort to ensure that the audio is in top shape.

Yesterday afternoons game drive unfortunately came to an abrupt end due to a problem with the batteries on Jigga. Luckily, Pieter and Rexon found Wonky and another elephant bull at the waterhole so WE could still get some interesting viewing from a different angle. WE all know Pieters fondness for ellies, but I think that Wonky might actually be developing a fondness for Pieter!
The waterhole again showed some interesting activity at around 21h00 CAT with a gorgeous female leopard tenderly exploring the area. Pieter was controlling the camera at the time but WE couldn’t quite make out which female it was. Not sure if the video or stills were good enough to make a positive ID, but if anyone has got any thoughts or theories on who this leopard was I’d love to hear them.
On game drive this morning, Pieter and Marco picked up lion tracks with lots of activity in the area, looking very much luck the Mapogos. Here’s hoping that WE will be lucky enough to get a glimpse of them some time very soon.
Marco will be going off Friday 4th of July (in search of some well earned independence). Alex is still on his holiday and presently in Scandinavia having a magic time. We’ll see him back in camp from the 12th of July. For the moment though, the WE crew are milling about like bees, ensuring that everything is at it’s best to bring you the magic from Djuma LIVE … it’s in our nature! ( … and fast becoming in mine!)
Written by Angie