Marco three. Rexon four. Angie four….. I’m referring to the layers of clothes WE had on this icy morning. Imagine the state of panic the washing machine must be in! But despite the numb fingers and chattering teeth , every minute of the cold is worth the privilege of experiencing what the magic African bush allows us to experience. It was a quiet start to the day, yet Marco found some Dagga boys this morning at the waterhole. Buffalo show a tendency to visit a waterhole each morning and afternoon to quench their thirst. I’ve heard many people comment that they do not find buffalo as entertaining as some of the other animals. I do protest! This quiet, dogmatic, bulldozer of a creature has more to it than we give credit for. The herds daily foraging when observed shows more order and structure than what it seems, with a distinct hierarchy. Those with higher rank usually central and the less dominant around the fringes. Natures way of securing survival of the strongest gene. If predators attempt a hunt, they will have opportunity at the weaker ones first. When they are preyed upon, it has been seen how they will stand together to fend them off, and not give up until an end. No, they are not wandering aimlessly. So next time you see the slow, meandering buffalo, take a few moments more to ponder what they may be up to.
Written by Angie