WE are so bowled over by the videos you made for our first highlights show. Those of you that made the effort to make a film need to give yourselves a big pat on the back. Not only were you involved in another ‘world first’ that WE are sure will go down in wildlife film-making history, but you completely exceeded our expectations.
We have found it really difficult to choose the ‘winner’ of the first WE highlights of the week. There was such a diverse, emotional and compelling selection of videos to choose from.
Muttluva gave us one of the longer highlights with lots of sightings:
WildEarth/Djuma Week In Review May 23-30th 2008. Sagresta’s WildEarth Behind the Scenes & Highlights was very entertaining and while maintaining the target length managed to get lots of sightings and behind the scenes in . Banditt066’s Working For A Living was true to style … well edited, great music and fast paced. Ms Charlie and the Kids in the Nest produced It’s in Their Nature, which made all of us at WildEarth feel like wildlife TV heroes.
In the end it has to be Valorie that WE declare the winner this week …

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Valorie you obviously put a lot of effort into your production and it shows. Not only did you balance the behind the scenes material with the wildlife perfectly, but your editing was excellent. Your sound editing however is what set your production apart. The choice of music set just the right emotional tone and your selection of voice over worked a charm. Well done.
Don’t forget that this Friday WE will be doing the second behind the scenes show, only this time at 15h30 CAT so that we don’t take daylight from the game drive, which will start at 16h00 as usual.
WE can’t wait to see your next creations … we’re lovin your work … it’s in our nature.