Well he has finally gone and what a sad day it is. Jan left this morning (Sunday 22nd June) and by now he is at home in Johannesburg. He has been a wonderful member of our crew and WE can’t wait for him to come back. There have been many wonderful videos made over the week but today I thought that I would choose three that are tributes to Jan. He has given us many emotional and funny moments both from the FCC and when on drive. I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks to Valorie, Ms Charlie, Koloakid and edpbs.

Wildearth Jan’s Goodbye by Valorie.

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Valorie, once again you have excelled yourself. This is beautiful, emotional, well produced and fantastically edited. It really gives a great tribute to Jan and something that will be kept in WE’s history forever. Thanks.

Ranger Jan leaves us for a few months…….sad day by Ms Charlie and the students.

This is also a great tribute which shows us some lovely moments from Jan’s drives culminating in his farewell at the end. Thanks for putting this together.

Tribute to Jan by Koloakid

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

This is also beautiful and well edited. You showed us some great stills photographs from both the FCC and the drives and it is a lovely archive of Jan shots. Thanks and well done.

In memory to Jan by edpbs

The drive that Alex and Jan did on 29th May 2008 was one to remember. They came across two cheetah and Jan was excited, to say the least. It was an amazing sighting and a wonderful memory of Jan. Thanks for recording this.
So Jan has left and Alex has started his two week leave. WE have a new member of staff starting on Wednesday and she is called Angie. She is a great girl with many skills, so WE will welcome her to the team.