Well, this is a face we have grown to know and love. Over the past few weeks, this white-tailed mongoose has made his appearance in front of our cameras over and over, and has become extremely habituated and comfortable with our presence. He has very fittingly been named Mojo. It has been a fantastic privilege to be on drive and out at night with the infrared equipment and spend the amount of time we have with Mojo and just sit and watch his nocturnal behavior. I have in my years as a guide seen many white-tailed mongooses, but never have I had such an opportunity to get this close and been able to watch their behavior with no interference. It has been fantastic, and Mojo has become a much enjoyed character for all the WE team and viewers. After drive one night, Alex and I spent a little bit of time with Mojo to see what he got up to and try and get some photos, and were very happy with the result. He was very relaxed around us and at one point he was within 5 metres of our vehicle. Here is his profile pic, hope you like it.

Written by Marco Tonoli