First a leopard then an inverter!!

WE may think a leopard is illusive. Or believe we can comprehend the nature of this enigmatic cat. Finding his tracks on the dusty footprints of Land Cruisers and Land Rovers, I know the tracks are fresh, WE can feel he was here.Suddenly, maybe just as WE think we can see him, he can disappear [...]

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Behind the scenes – 25th July 2008

The behind the scenes show is back. Exactly the same as before, only different!!It's still going to come out on Fridays, but it's no longer going to be broadcast in the LIVE stream. You see after a lot of discussion WE decided that the Behind the Scenes show should stand alone as it was not [...]

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WE may be small, but we are going places …

Those of you that have been watching WildEarth on the Windows Media 9 (WM9) service at One Net Place in Los Angeles will have noticed an increased level of pixelation in the video. What has happened is that I have reduced the bit rate (the speed) of that stream from 300 kbps (kilobytes per second) [...]

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WEekly video highlights

Firstly apologies for doing this today and not on Sunday. Unfortunately I was not able to get to a computer on Sunday. Anyway, you guys have once again excelled yourselves with your video making skills. I was astounded at how many have been made over the last week, I had hours of entertaining viewing so [...]

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‘the flames in our eyes, the fire in our hearts’

When the fire burns low, and the embers whisper to us, the coals can tell a story, so ancient that history has forgotten. Somewhere deep within our phyletic memory or maybe our primal beings, we can remember fire. Something that once scared us, enchanted us and captivated us. Something that changed us forever. It is [...]

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Eyes are the window to the soul.

This past week at WildEarth has been very eventful for me watching from final control. Besides the obvious urge of wanting to be out there in the bush myself (as that's what we wildlife filmmakers most want). Something struck me inside and reminded me of an African proverb my great grandfather once taught me when [...]

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