The behind the scenes show is back. Exactly the same as before, only different!!
It’s still going to come out on Fridays, but it’s no longer going to be broadcast in the LIVE stream. You see after a lot of discussion WE decided that the Behind the Scenes show should stand alone as it was not really a natural part of the highlight mash-ups. Also, we want you to be able to watch the show in a number of different places on the web. So from today it will be available on our YouTube channel, FaceBook Group, Social network and here on the Blog. In time WE will have a channel on iTunes and you will be able to download it to your iPod or AppleTV as WE release it.
This show will be the first of several different shows that WildEarth will develop. But our approach is going to be a little different from the way shows are normally developed (bet you didn’t expect that!)
Each show will be created by one WE crew member. Definitely with the help of the rest of us, but essentially by one of us. You see most of us are aspirant filmmakers and this is an opportunity to develop our skills and an individual style, even a unique audience. So each show will have a mini season of 6 episodes. Why? Well each of us works six weeks on and then two weeks off. Marco has been back 1 week and here you have the first of his six episodes.
Please watch and hopefully enjoy what he has so carefully put together for you. Also, WE love to hear your feedback … and that includes criticism … how else will WE learn. So be sure to let us have your thoughts. After all … it’s in your nature.