This past week at WildEarth has been very eventful for me watching from final control. Besides the obvious urge of wanting to be out there in the bush myself (as that’s what we wildlife filmmakers most want). Something struck me inside and reminded me of an African proverb my great grandfather once taught me when I was still a little boy, he said: ‘Until lions tell their own tale, the stories of the hunt will always glorify the hunter’. What would Wonkie’s thoughts be on his relationship with Pieter. WE won’t be hearing directly from Wonkie.
Well if you ask me, Pieter has a soft spot for elephants, and especially Wonkie. They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul. Take a good look at Pieter’s eyes when he talks about Wonkie, his love for this beautiful animal is powerful.
Having done that take a closer look at Wonkie’s eyes when Pieter is photographing him … he (Wonkie) is so calm and sometimes seems to be enjoying it … ‘talking’ back. He is now very comfortable in the presence of the Jiga (WildEarth vehicle). I am sure many of you would agree. It is this close relationship between the audience and WildEarth that reminds us why we do what we do, and why its in our nature.
Words by Motheo Seleke
(Please let us hear from you about your perceptions of Pieter’s interactions with Wonkie. Post a comment to this Blog.)