Well, its Sunday night, the fireside chat is over and now its my turn to post some of the best made videos from the week. It’s been a fantastic week as Rex and Pieter mentioned tonight at the camp fire. WE have seen a total of 6 leopards, the most exciting being Safari who is in the picture above. She is an old faithful in the Sabi Sands and WE are so excited that she is now in our area. As I am sure that you all know by now she is blind in one eye as you can see in the picture. Another of our favourites who has been in the area (literally) is Safari’s daughter,Karula. Tonight was the third night that she turned up in camp and had playtime with the laundry. It is unfortunate that WE did not notice because the fireside chat was on, otherwise WE could have filmed it LIVE.

Thank you once again to our creative and inspirational viewers for all of your videos. I have picked three of my favourites to show you but I loved them all. I am off to the UK tomorrow for three weeks to see my family for the last time before I have the baby. However, I will keep checking the videos from there and hopefully still be able to post my favourites next Sunday. Enjoy…….
Emily Wallington

WILDEARTH LIVE 24 x 7 by WorldTeachers.

Thanks so much for putting together this wonderful montage of shots and sightings. It was very emotional to see footage that has been recorded over such a long period of time. It was well edited and your choice of music was perfect. I enjoyed seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff and even Angie from when she first came and did a drive. It is a great archive that will be kept in WE’s history forever. Thanks.

The Evening Skies of Djuma by Calista

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This was so therapeutic to watch. Sometimes I forget how wonderful the African sky can look in the bush and it can vary so much from night to night. I really enjoyed watching this collection and the world music just enhanced it. I felt like I needed to get a sun downer while watching it. Thanks for choosing a new angle Calista, it really worked.

Wonderful world by edpbs

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When I watched this,I really did feel like the world is a wonderful place. As I said earlier WE saw a total of six leopards this week and there are a good few of them in this video. They are such stunning animals and when filmed up close the detail in their face is amazing. Thanks again edpbs for a wonderfully edited and produced video – I am sure that everyone will agree that leopards seem to be very ‘in’ at the moment!.