It’s a few days shy of a fortnight. Marco has already had an influence, and I find his healthy eating habits have rubbed off on me. Pieter has educated me as to appreciate a good photograph vs a really bad one. My Shangaan friend Rexon is exhausted from my questions on the history of Djuma and it’s beautiful four legged residents. I’ve scared off monkeys from the kitchen, birds out of my shower and I’ve had a leopard roll all over my laundry. And I have enjoyed every moment of it!

But I’m sad to say I won’t be staying on at WildEarth. I have been offered a position at a lodge in the Kruger National Park, where I will be able to work with my fiance and I realise now how important to me that is.
Emily and Graham have been phenomenally understanding and supportive, being more like friends than employers, and I am eternally grateful for all they have done.
WE never know what the future may hold, but most certainly all things good. One never knows, you may hear my voice again!
Written by Angie