Hi everyone and welcome to the Sunday night video highlights of the week. I have been in the UK visiting my family since Tuesday and so have missed most of the drives. However, having looked through the video section on the social network I realise it has once again been a fantastic week. WE have a new staff member called Motheo who seems to be settling in really well. Some of you may have just seen him on the fireside chat this evening chatting with Rexon. Welcome Motheo, I hope that you are enjoying WildEarth and Djuma. I am going to start with what looked to me like the best sighting from the week: Saseka at night … up a tree … with a kill … wow!
words by Emily Wallington

Saseka Live by edpbs

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Firstly I love the light. Her colours are so vivid in the spotlight, she look asolutely beautiful. She is an amazing cat and I especially like it when she jumps up the tree and stands majestically on the branch with her kill. Thanks to edpbs for cutting out the bad signal that WE had as she climbed the tree. You have definitely put the best parts in, it was well made. Thanks. This was an exciting sighting which was a good highlight from the week.

Lazy days by Marty

As I am sure that lots of you know by now I love this old style film look. It is great in sepia and the fact that it looks like there are scratches on the film really makes it feel authentic. The jazzy music is wonderful and all together I would give this top marks for editing effects and music. A real entertainment, thanks.

Teenager Elephant by edpbs

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Thanks again edpbs for capturing this evenings elephant sighting. It was great to see the ellie really trying to communicate with Pieter. The smelling with the trunk, trumpeting and general closeness to the vehicle was awesome to see. It was also nice to see that the elephant didn’t seem to be scared or angry but just curious. A really great sighting, thanks.

For Pieter by David Keen.

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Thanks to David for this wonderful collage of shots to great music. I have noticed that you have become quite active in making videos for the community recently, so thanks for that. Also I see that you deeply appreciate Pieters fantastic knowledge and communication skills as a Presenter. I couldn’t agree with you more. He is a fantastic WE crew member and brings so much of Africa to our viewers. Thanks to David for putting together these wonderful shots.