You guys have been really busy this week and as a result I have published five great videos. This is way more than normal but I loved them all. WE have had a busy week although many of the crew have come down with lurgy’s. Both Pieter and Rexon have been sick along with Tex but hopefully they are all on the way to recovery. There have been some fantastic elephant sightings with a huge breeding herd and lots of babies on one of the days. This week has also been tarred with the news that Marco is leaving us. WE will all be so sad to see him go, he really has added so much to WildEarth over the past three months and leaves very large boots to fill (although Herman seems to be fitting those quite well). WE wish you the best of luck Marco and would really love to see you back here with the family soon. Marco will be doing a final drive on Friday afternoon (29th August). In the mean time, I hope you enjoy these vids and well done to the creators.

A Day in the Bush by Marty

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What a wonderful little video. It really gives me a good sense of life in the bush and what you might see in a day. I must admit the Sabi Sands is the best place on earth to see animals and what you see in one day here is amazing. The music gives this video a very light uplifting feel and really makes me want to get in there and spend a day. Well done on the editing as well Marty, all in all I loved it. Thanks.

Leopard – 26/08/08 by Mike

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Although the photography and lighting is pretty dodgy on this clip, Mike has made it very special. The editing of animal skin graphics at the beginning and end and the fantastic use of music has made this clip light up. Mike you are a great editor and obviously very creative. Watching this video gives me a real sense that it is live and exciting and makes me want to carry on watching. Well done and thanks.

Monkeyin‘ Around by Marty

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Once again Marty you have made a very special video. Nothing beats watching primates to music especially baby ones. They are so unbelievably human like with their behaviour and the babies are so cute when they play. It is true entertainment and something I could watch for hours. Thanks,oh and nicely edited.

Classical Elephants by Sagresta

Great to get a video from you again Sagresta, you have always been so good at putting clips together. I love elephants to classical music, their movements and behaviour fit so perfectly with beautiful dramatic music. Well edited Sagresta and I love the babies, they are pure entertainers on their own. Well done.

Sunrise Sunset by Wile1

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This is beautiful both in picture and music. I love the sound of a saxophone and to stunning African sunrises and sunsets you can’t go wrong. I wanted to include this because of its perfect editing but also it makes me feel happy and relaxed. This is definitely one to watch if you are having a bad day – it will improve it. Thanks wile1.