This image of a male leopard was taking by Pieter on the 27th July 2008. He wasn’t sure who he was, but suspected that he was a new face.
Over the past few days Rex, Marco and Motheo have been seeing this male leopard, who WE all thought was Matimba.

But this morning Aquila pointed out that the leopard Pieter found on the 27th of July and the male WE have been seeing recently are one and the same. And what is more, neither of them are Matimba. Here is shot taken by Andre at Arathusa of Matimba.
Now here are some shots that Aquila snapped on the 16th June 2008 of Matimba on the WE game drive. But was this leopard in fact Matimba? Are we dealing with three leopards?
If you compare the spot patterns in all these images you will clearly see that this ‘new’ leopard is just not Matimba. So who is he? And who is the leopard identified as Matimba on the 16th June 2008. Well Rex and Marco are trying to find out and as soon as WE know we will let you know. In the meantime why don’t you surf the web and see if you can ID this beauty. If you do manage to get an ID on him, please email as this mail goes through to the team that are working on building the WEwiki that will hopefully make it much easier to make these IDs in the future.