So, WE saw lions again. Its amazing to think that so many cubs were killed by those Mapogos but slowly they are repopulating the area. It was a real treat to catch up with them all and see how they are doing. Very well by the look of the Styx pride. If you missed the sightings you can catch them on the social network site as loads of people have recorded them. In addition to seeing lions again, this week saw Texan emerge as a new face on WildEarth. I think you will agree with me that he is fantastic and will definitely fit into the team well. Rexon goes on leave next Wednesday and so you will be seeing more and more of Texan in front of the camera. He has phenomenal knowledge and you want to hear some of his bush stories, its certainly fun sitting with him around the fire.

Marco has gone and right now is in the UK having a holiday before he starts his new job. WE hope you are having a great time Marco, and can’t wait to hear about it when you get back. Today I have posted two wonderful videos made by one of our moderators: Valorie, and the other by David Keen. Both gave me goosebumps and made me realise how much I will miss Marco and how much of an asset he was to the WE team. Don’t worry, I will make it my personal mission to get him back at some point. Enjoy.

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Good Luck Marco by Valorie
This is beautiful. It manages to get in so many different examples of Marco on camera throughout his time here. It really shows that he was full of ideas for entertainment and had a serious knowledge of the bush. The music is great and the editing is wonderful and it is all in all a lovely tribute to Marco.

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For Marco by David Keen
Thanks David for another fantastic tribute to Marco. You chose some beautiful shots and I really got a sense of Marco’s character. He was as strong and stable guy who enjoyed taking people and teaching them about the bush. It was beautifully put together as always and I am sure that Marco will be proud.

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Spotted Genet by Dent
Wow, is all I can say to this. What a fab sighting. I missed it and only came across it now. That thing looks huge, I thought it was a serval to begin with. Well done to Rex for finding it and great photography from Texan. It makes you realise how important Infa Red is. That genet would never have sat so still for us with a bright white light in its face. Thanks Dent for recording it.