You all know how Rexon loves to help the kids of his village, well he has decided to take them all to the movies. And he needs our help.
You see many of these kids have never even been out of the area immediately around the village. 
They have never seen a double storey building, a paved road and certainly never a movie in a real cinema. On the 25th October we are planning to take 25 kids and 5 adults (to supervise) on the three hour journey to Nelspruit, where we are all going to watch a movie, have popcorn, sodas and then afterwards have a hamburger lunch. This may not seem like a big deal to you or I, but to these kids it will be an experience to remember. It will stand out in their memories as one of the most exciting days. 
So how can you help? Well, if you can afford it please donate via and send it to We estimate that we will need about R10,000.00 (about US$1300.00) to rent a couple of buses, pay for the fuel, movies, popcorn, sodas, lunch, etc. If we get more than this WE will take more and more kids. Also, please join our cause on Facebook and join our project on Amazee . Then invite as many of your friends to get involved, as possible.
When WE all go to the movies, we promise to take lots of pictures and video and even maybe broadcast LIVE if we can organize it, so that you can be a part of the fun. Come on help make this a reality for these kids … it’s in your nature!!!

So far WE have raised US$370.00 which is amazing!! A huge big thank you to Dania Gerhardt, Sharon Holland (Aquila), Kathy Theobald, Letrica McDonald, Amanda Tobin, BF Custom Carpentry, Stephen and Valorie Berry, Lana Leeger and Lynda Buck.