Pete has only been at WE a few weeks and he is already starting his own show … WElearn. 
In this show Pete will tell us all about the little things that intrigue him at Djuma. A lot of the time he will teach us about the bird life, after all he is an avid twitcher (bird watcher), but he may also squeeze in a bit of info about the snakes, insects and other often over looked little ‘fellas’.
As with everything else WE do, the key to this show succeeding is you! So please get involved by asking questions, making suggestions, giving Pete feedback and so on. The best place to get involved is by visiting the new page and forums in the WildEarth Social Network and let us hear from you.
The topic of the first episode, to be aired Monday, September 8th at 1400 CAT, will be “What’s that Bird?” and will give an introduction into identifying a bird using some commonly seen ones as examples, and learning some interesting things about them in the process. The birds featured in this program will be Cape Turtle Dove (aka Ring-necked Dove), Bataleur, Grey Go-Away-Bird (aka Grey Lourie) and Lilac-breasted Roller. And it will end with a little challenge to the viewers…