Far away, deep within the African savanna you can find a light burning into the wee hours of the morning. It is a WildEarth Spartan working unrelentingly to get us back on air. He is driven not by money or glory, but by the knowledge that there are thousands around the world that are relying on him to bring WildEarth back to them.
That man is Peter Braat. After very little sleep he woke up along with the crew and they moved the Final Control to Jurie and Pippa’s office. They overcame problem after problem until they succeeded. WE all knew that nothing would stop them getting back on air and they did it in time for this morning’s LIVE bush walk. This afternoon a drive will go out. It is late as at the moment, because of a damaged cable on the mast, courtesy of our baboon friends. Their timing is impeccable. But when our drive goes out, hopefully it will feel like any of the other thousands of drives WE have gone on.
As I write this to you there are two more WE spartans that are descending into the Lowveld through the Drakensberg mountains. They are now 3 and a half hours from Djuma. When they arrive there will be no resting. They will immediately begin splicing the severed fiber cable. Then when they are done, the crew will have only a few minutes rest after the drive, before they must move the whole Final Control back, reinstall and test. Only then will the job be done, and will WE be back in ship shape.
It is a little early for congratulations, WE are only half way through, but I would like to thank the world’s best LIVE wildlife crew for their courage and tenacity so far. You are Spartans … it is in your nature. You will win, there is no alternative.