WE are proud to announce that tomorrow at 09h30 CAT (Central African Time) will be the first WEwalk show. This will be the first time in history that a bush walk has been broadcast LIVE.
Pieter will take us on this historic walk through the bush on Djuma Game Reserve. He has extensive experience walking with potentially dangerous animals, and the key to avoiding an unfortunate incident with these animals is understanding their behavior. He will be teaching us how to read the signs, how to approach big game, and how be a part of nature rather than just an observer. Neither he nor the cameraman will be carrying a rifle, and their only protection will be their knowledge and presence of mind. WEwalk is not about seeing how close WE can get to dangerous animals, but rather a way to see Djuma in a new way. WEwalk is about learning how to track and how to stop and smell the flowers.
To begin with Pieter will present WEwalk every week day at 09h30 CAT for an hour. WE realise that this is not the best time for our North American fans, but I am sure you appreciate that walking in a big 5 reserve at night is just not a wise idea.
This is going to be a whole new experience. A new way of seeing wildlife. A new level of LIVE wildlife television. Be a part of this historic event … it’s in your nature.