WE have certainly seen leopards in the last twenty-four hours! Saseka and her kill getting stolen by the mpisi (hyena)!! And then, once she got down from the marule tree, our long elusive (and fast becoming my favourite male) leopard with the heart on his forehead Yambilu-Jordaan (Yambilu means “heart” in Shangaan). WE got to see it all LIVE !! 
Yambilu and Saseka also got to have a look at each other … ;) They are both such beautiful (Saseka), dark and handsome (Yambilu) cats … 
That was yesterday!

This morning, WE were with Saseka, and she is not only beautiful, but certainly mature now as well. Scent marking her new status all over the place (even the big Jackalberry at Twindams), being generally beautiful, mesmerizing and deadly!!. OUR second live kill … poor squirrell, but a quick snack for one of our favourites – Saseka! 
All I can say is it is a pleasure and a privilege to be out here with you. The rains have come, Karula has most possibly brought more elusive, beautiful mampinpans (babies) into our wild world and every corner, every bend on the road and every track WE follow, holds promise and surprise. Lets go look around … it’s in our nature. 
Pieter Pretorius