Firstly I just want to let you all know that WE are expecting huge rain over the next few days. The weather predictions are quite absurd … 100% prediction of high rainfall!! I don’t think i have ever seen a 100% prediction for weather. :) While WE think we are prepared for this rain, there may well be power cuts and other problems … so if you do loose us, don’t despair, you know us, WE’ll be back … it’s so in our nature.

The whole crew, and all of Djuma are excited about the prospect of Gowrie, and the other dams, filling up. Not to mention the new life, and well, just water ever where. Hopefully the waiting is now over. You can watch the weather in real time at WeatherSA they even have a Google Earth layer!

A huge thank you to all the WEangels that have already donated over $1000.00. WE still have a couple thousand to go, but i am sure that WE will get there. Today, I was interviewed about WildEarth on a local talk radio and i have asked them to help promote our project to give the village of Dixie a Christmas to remember. I wonder if you would try and get us radio interviews with your local radio stations so that I can promote this project all over the world. You never know maybe WE can turn this into a really big lunch. I am happy to phone the radio stations from here in South Africa, any time of day or night, no matter where they are in the world. If you need to contact me in order to set this up please use which is also the email address to quote when donating to this very worthy cause via PayPal.
So far the following people have donated to the cause and become WEangels: (there are some who have asked to remain annonymous)
Kirsty Lynas, Simon Dilts, Kathy Theobald, Kerry and Walter Kosky, Valorie Berry, Aquila, Michael Moss, KCMary, Marty and Dan Benke, Beverly Bailey, Patricia Mulligan, Snow LEApard, Patti German, David Keen, Nora Olguin, Mary Schooley, Dorothy Mulligan, Joyce Fuller, Marie Taoukdjian, Sueso, Sharon Mcdorman, Christine Connor, Sandra Walton and Fabienne van Wunnik.