I think one of the great thrills of being alive, is the surprise and excitement of something unexpected.
Just how beautiful it actually is when the rains come and how much life actually comes with the water of summer’s rains. Even better if some of that life is in the form of big, yellow (and muddy) cats. WE have hoped for more lion action sometime soon, and believed it will happen, but what a bonus that it came along in this wonderful fashion. The Kuhuma pride, close to anyone’s heart that knows some of their tales, and now known to even more of US!!
Remember back to when those cubs were still tiny, when the Kuhuma males were still both alive. The firts time the Mapogo males killed some cubs, when WE saw those males on that giraffe kill, the little cub carcass dead in the grass. . .WE were there LIVE, WE shared it. Later when more cubs were killed and even an adult lioness! WE were there. Then they went off the radar, and WE thought and wondered, for months WE never saw them, just heard radio reports and hoped we would see them again. . .and then that day, this day, came along. WE are there now, as I type these words, WE are with them again! LIVE !!!
I have to run, more surprises to go explore and the future is like a game drive … you never know what could be around the next corner, but what WE do know is that it will be LIVE, that it will be wild, exciting and that WE will share it … it is in our nature. Hold onto that seat, it is a good one and the lions are around … enjoy the
rain, the greenery and the lions, the Kuhumas are back in town!!
Pieter Pretorius.