Our generous and kind hearted WEangels have already made a huge dent in the money needed to give the people and children of Dixie a wonderful Christmas. While you guys have been reaching into your pockets the WE team have been organizing and planning the best possible event for this village. As you all probably know by now Dixie is a poor rural village in Africa which borders on the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. These people never have enough money to have a good celebration at Xmas and the kids certainly never get presents. This year things are going to be different. WildEarth with the help of our WEangels will give them a Christmasmas to remember. WE will get two cows, two sheep and seventy chickens to eat at the event. There will be spit braais to cook them on, and a whole lot of maize meal for everyone to eat their meat with. A committee of people in the community will get together to make salads and chilli sauce to go with the meat and maize meal. A large tent will be rented so that the food can be served away from the flies and cool drink will be in great supply so that no one gets de-hydrated. Rexon has informed us that in his culture people like to dance the day away at events like this. Therefore it is very important for us here at WildEarth to source a DJ and some music. I think that this will be one of the most important things to get the party going.
Christmas day means presents for children. Rexon (or should I say ‘Father Christmas’) will be handing out presents for each and every child in the village. At the moment he is getting the name, age and gender of each child from the school and once he has done this he will email it through to me. Graham and I will then buy specific presents for each age group depending on whether they are male or female. Each present will be wrapped and have the child’s name marked on it. WE will be broadcasting all the events of the day LIVE so that you, our viewers can be with us every step of the way. I expect that their will be many smiley children’s faces thoughout the day but especially at the present handing out time.
Finally it is time to thank all of our wonderful WEangels. (I will be colatting a list of all of you that don’t mind having your names published) Thank you so much for all of your unbelievable generosity. You should be proud of yourselves, you have contributed to what should be the best Christmas these people have ever had.
So far the WEangels have raised $3800.00. WE are busy costing everything, but ask that you continue to donate, not a cent will go to waste. WE have invited the staff, and their families, of Djuma (that don’t already live at Dixie), and Rexon has warned us that it would not be in the spirit of Christmas to turn away those from other villages. This means that WE could face far more than the 400 adults and the 80 children for Christmas lunch that we have planned. So if the donations continue to role in, and WE are able to get all the presents done, we will order up a lot more food, to be held in reserve and cater for bigger numbers if they arrive. If they don’t arrive the food will be distributed fairly and evenly to the people of Dixie for after Christmas.
Thank you WEangels … to share is in your nature. :)
Emily Wallington