Well it’s been a bit of a slow Blog recently, but I am very proud and happy to say that WE have an excellent excuse … little Mia Chloe Wallington was born at 11h37 on Friday the 31st October 2008. She weighed in at 3.54 kgs (7.8 pounds) and both her and mom (Emily) are in perfect health. We are all home now, and something like a new normality is beginning. I would like to thank everybody that has congratulated us from the WE community, you all feel like family, and both Emily and I really appreciate your thoughts and well wishes.
On to what’s going on down at Djuma … well, I must start by thanking the world’s best LIVE crew, for being the well oiled, efficient content machine that they are. Thank you guys, your support over the past week or two has been appreciated. :) You are the best … it is in your nature!
There are a lot of things in the pipeline, some I can tell you, some I can hint at, and some I must keep under wraps just a little longer. Pete has managed to get the LIVE Djuma weather station working and WE will be integrating this into the site within the next day or two. WE would have done it sooner, but we are about to begin beta testing the new WildEarth website and we want it in there. I am hoping to invite all our WildEarth community members soon, just need the admin team to give it a few more pokes and prods and then it will be ready for your comments and test drive. You can expect to see: the LIVE weather station, a second stream from Djuma of the Gowrie waterhole that stays on the waterhole when the drive goes out, a full archive system that records every frame of video and allows you to go back in time, a new registration system that will allow you access to new forums and … a platform to create your own LIVE wildlife TV channel! Yes, you heard right, WE are going to be making our years of experience, as well as our systems and technology available to those of you that would like to broadcast from your own piece of wilderness (with some WE rules) … much more on this over the coming weeks.
I can hint at the fact that WE are working on two new locations, just like Djuma is a location for WE. These two will bring new viewing experiences to our valued viewers, and while they may include stationary (sort of waterhole) cams, they will primarily involve people taking you directly into the lives of our furry (and scaly) friends. :)
There is a lot going on behind the scenes within our business, and I must say that it really seems like the concept of LIVE wildlife TV may finally be getting it’s day in the sun. After 10 years of plugging away, it is great to see the interest and understanding building everywhere. National Geographic will be broadcasting their first LIVE game drive next week, the BBC just finished their Big Cat Live show, Earth-Touch looks like it is going from strength to strength, The Underwater Channel is cooking up some very interesting content … it looks like Mia has been born into a world ready to explore its wildlife like never before. Its about time. :)
Tomorrow Pieter will be going to Dixie to get tons of new pictures of the kids, and I will be Blogging here all about plans for a serious no holds barred Christmas at Dixie this year. If you have the time, please go and check out our friends at http://ingweaction.blogspot.com and http://ingweleopardproject.ning.com you will be able to catch up on what Alex has been up to. He is staying at our house at the moment editing a small series about his adventures in Lydenburg and will be posting them to the Ingwe Action Blog in the next day or two.
So sit back and enjoy … WE are just waking up to our world.