Yesterday was an important day in the evoloution of LIVE wildlife broadcasting, because it was yesterday that Zaplive deployed the ‘seekpoint’ onto our beloved WildEarth platform. You might be asking: ‘what is a seekpoint?’ Well let me explain …
A ‘seekpoint’ is like a bookmark or a hyperlink, only it refers to a moment in the WEarchive. This means that you can ‘tag’ a particulalrly interesting sighting in the WEarchive, by clicking on the small arrow icon on the time slider at the bottom of the video. You have to be a registered user of course. Then this ‘seekpoint’ will be created and displayed on that channel’s home page.
Go to: and have a look on the lower right hand section called ‘seekpoints’.
It is still in it’s very early stages, so you can’t share sekpoints very easily yet, and the list is not ordered correctly (in other words the oldest is first), you can’t ad keywords to the seekpoint yet. But what WE can do with this system in the near future is going to be really impressive. The ‘seekpoint’ is the foundation of the new WEarchive and will allow us all to go straight to an awesome sighting without having to download or rip the video.
Please enjoy this new system and in time WE will be asking for your comments and suggestions on how to grow and use the ‘seekpoint’ as a weapon of mass entertainment!
(Note: To view the above seekpoint of the stork catching and eating the first catfish yesterday, please go to this short link: … thank you Aquila great moment, I watched it a few times. Both Em and I (and I think the stork as well) were not sure how he was going to kill and then get that whole fella down his throat.)