The WEangels have done so much over the past few months for this small African village on the edge of Djuma, in Mpumulanga, South Africa. WE took the kids to the movies in Nelspruit three hours away by bus, when they had never seen a paved road or a double storey building. On Christmas day WE gave 146 kids presents and provided a super lunch to over 600 people. WE have made a difference in the village of Dixie, but now the time has come to change this village forever. To make sure that every home has fresh running water!!!
Right now the woman have to walk to one of the few taps in the village and collect the water into plastic barrels and then carry them home. This process takes up much of their time and leaves little opportunity to do the things that they need to do.

Running water changes lives. It improves hygiene, saves labour, makes irrigation possible and it gives hope. Water is life and WE can give it. To do this for Dixie is not just our responsibility it is our privilege, and I ask you to now begin this journey with us. WE have built up a great deal of good will and trust in this community, and I think that WEangels can do this. Yes WE can!
The first two projects were relatively easy, this one will not be easy. Not only will it cost a lot more, require far more physical effort and take far longer, but it will also be fraught on all sides by politics and complexities that WE will have to overcome.
… and overcome WE shall … it is in our nature!
Over the next little while WE will plan and cost this project, and begin consulting the necessary tribal authorities, muncipalities and other stakeholders. Above all WE will secure the support of the people of Dixie, and together we will overcome all obstacles one at a time. But for now I would ask that you go to and join this project. Please ensure that you upload a picture to your profile, because the top three projects (measured by members with profile images) will win the Amazee Bucket worth $10,000!!! This money will go a long way to providing water for Dixie
WE already have two projects in the top three ( and and a fourth project lagging behind ( If you have not already joined these projects please do so, and invite everyone you know, it is absolutely FREE and WE must do everything possible to make sure that WE win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the Amazee Bucket and take home the full $10,000 to Dixie.
I estimate (much more research to be done) that the total cost of this project will be around $25,000, depending on whether or not WE have to drill new wells or not, and whether or not WE can use the exisiting resorvoir between Dixie and Utha. What ever happens WE are going to need more than the $10,000 from Amazee (that is if WE win it) so please donate to this worthy cause by ‘sending’ money via to WE know that you have already given so much, but this is soooo important.
Please get everybody you know to join us in this important mission. I know that you will all rise to this challenge … thank you WEangels.